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Monolog Hati
Gurisan Potret hati...
Jauh dibawa pergi hati iniAku redho segalanya kerana Allah.....Titik********************** Terangi malamku dengan syair indahmu Menenun kasih dalam sepi yang terasing Saat kau pergi Lemasku bila tiadamu Jauh terbawa lukisan hatimu Hilang mencari di mana kau pergi Tinggal aku menahan luka ini Sampai harusku pergi Engkau bagaikan bintang-bintang di angkasa Hanya mampu melihat kamu yang terbiar Walaupun sakit walaupun pedih tak berdaya Berjalan tenang menghampiri persisiran Melakar namamu di sisi pasir pantai Pastinya hilang tidak rasaku kepadamu Jauh terbawa lukisan hatimu Hilang mencari di mana kau pergi Tinggal aku menahan luka ini Sampai harusku pergi Jauh terbawa lukisan hatimu Warna pelangi hiasan terindah Hati ini tak akan terbahagi Sampai harusku pergi Menuju aku kepadamu jadi satu Meraih kasih kita Jauh terbawa lukisan hatimu Hilang mencari di mana kau pergi Tinggal aku... (more)

Youobd2 blog
comfort connected to ateq vt55 obdii tpms analysis tool
Of which ATEQ VT55 is usually a TPMS analysis device. It really is right to get virtually all at the moment identified TPMS receptors such as OE, Basic, Programmable and Aftermarket Receptors. For every automobiles asking for a fantastic OBDII relearn, of which ATEQ VT55 OBDII comprises any kind of basic OBD connector which usually interfaces with all the vehicle’s ECU. Merely select help, design and style, 1 year inside car in order to lead to of which receptors besides copy of which IDs. Accomplishing this allows of which manager in order to existing your graphics in relation to tv for pc filter but also in order to copy the reasoning behind in to a NOTEBOOK besides screen-print out and about results associated with displaying your likelihood which usually ateq vt55 obdii sensor is literally faulty in addition to the major reasons why. Of which VT55 OBDII device gadgets: sensor BRAND, anxiety, battery load up list, temperature, accelerometer such as. VT55 OBDII’s OBD... (more)

Locksmith Boise
NorthWest Locksmith Boise on Cylex

Daily Devotion
: A Perfect Heart And Willing Mind

KJB Daily Devotion – Following Jesus Through Every Chapter Date: Wednesday, May 04, 2016 Chapters: 1 Chronicles 26-28 Message: 1 Chronicles: A Perfect Heart And Willing Mind Hello My Friend, Perfect, Complete; not defective. Willing, Determined; desiring. Our heart is more than that organ that keeps our body pumping blood through our body, it is the center of our soul. Have you ever had a defective heart? We have all had heart troubles of some kind. Ever experienced an anxiety attack? Ever see someone die of a broken heart? My brother passed away five years ago, he was thirty-nine, I believe part of the reason was because he gave up his will to live when he woke up in the hospital and was tied down trying to get up. The heart of our soul is amazing, it loves, gets excited, and brings so much joy and happiness to us, but it is also full of things that can take the life out of us. If we do not have a perfect heart, it will be the death of us. Only we have the power to be... (more)

The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Tuesday, May 3, 2016. Chaos and violence continue, another US service member is killed in Iraq -- but White House flack Josh Earnest says of the fallen "he was prepared to deal with it," Bernie defeats Hillary in Indiana, Ted Cruz drops out and more. Starting with THE NEWSHOUR (PBS): JUDY WOODRUFF: In the day’s other news: Islamic State fighters killed a U.S. Navy SEAL in Northern Iraq. The ISIS attack near the city of Mosul was the biggest in months by the militants. They broke through Kurdish militia forces before being driven off. U.S. officials said the SEAL was there in an advisory role. JOSH EARNEST, White House Press Secretary: You had an individual who wasn’t in a combat mission come under withering attack from enemy forces. He was in a combat situation. He was prepared to deal with it, but, unfortunately, under a complex attack, he was killed. And it’s... (more)

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